Sometimes, He’s Too Much

Look at that sweet face… I can’t be mad at him, but, I swear his separation anxiety is going to be the death of me.

I’d barely been at the office long enough to make a cup of coffee and answer a couple emails this morning before his daycare called and said I needed to pick him him up. He was being too crazy today, and when they tried to give him some down time to chill out, he went all escape artist.

And, of course, he was being TOO EXTRA at daycare, but as soon as we got home, he’s the chillest boy ever.

Tomorrow will be his first gotcha day, and in that year, I have yet to even leave him alone long enough to take out the garbage. If I leave the apartment, he goes with me. I have to take him to The Farm or Little White Dog just so I can go into the office a couple days a week!

They do a great job of managing the dogs at LWD, and Ronon loves going there, but Ronon is like a special needs child… he’s taking up more resources and focus than he should be, and that isn’t fair to the staff or the other dogs. If he causes problems again (assuming he can even go back next week), I’ll be down to the farm as my only option. He’s much better behaved at the farm, because it’s literally acres of open space to be a dog plus lots of enrichment activities, but it’s only available M,W,&F.

Having to schedule every day so he isn’t alone is restrictive, stressful, and frustrating. I adore him, and he’s a good boy in almost every way, but sometimes he’s just too much!