Dog Training is Really Human Training

Training with Ronon is so challenging.

Snickers made it easy. I swear, he could read my mind, and he made it look like I knew what I was doing.

Ronon does NOT read my mind; He definitely does not know what I THINK I’m communicating. He picks up on every little thing that I do, including every miscommunication and mixed signal that I send his way. Halfway through our obedience class tonight, I was ready to throw in the towel on training completely.

When class was over, the human of our tiniest classmate asked to take to take a photo with Ronon (the biggest student). Each time we put them side-by-side though, Ronon would turn so he could look at her. SHE’S SO TINY! It was such a simple thing, but so cute, and it reminded me what a sweet and good boy Ronon is. He deserves all the enrichment, activity and training and fun. Even if I’m bad at it, and we possibly never progress past “mediocre” because of me, it’s my job to be sure he’s living his best life and loving it.

I’m learning to be a better communicator, so I don’t send him mixed signals. I’m also learning to pay closer attention to what he is trying to tell me. I’m not giving up on my training. I will keep going to classes to continue working on becoming a better training partner for him.

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  1. Yoshi Hiko

    Love that picture!! Hang in there!