Ronon Loves Doggy Daycare

Ronon has pretty brutal separation anxiety. For him, that means he never gets left at home alone. For me, it means my day-to-day life is logistically complex. Luckily, my employer has stayed on a flexible, hybrid schedule, so I only need to go into the office a couple days a week. One of those days, Ronon goes to the Little White Dog Doggie Daycare in Manayunk. He. Loves. Them. (And they seem to like him too, even though he quickly demonstrated his escape artistry when he started going there.)

Our first attempts at daycare were extremely disappointing. I’m truly grateful to have found LWD. They seem to have a relatively high human-to-doggo ratio and they are attentive to the individual dogs’ play styles and personalities. They’re careful to keep compatible dogs together. They make sure the dogs take breaks and get downtime during the day, so they don’t get over-stimulated and cranky. Ronon is always excited to be there, and I can tell from the photos (of which they post a lot every day) that all the dogs are comfortable together.

They also provide reasonably priced grooming services, which is super convenient!

These photos are from several visits over the last couple months.