First Time Fast CAT!

For our first event, we made a weekend of it. We stayed in a hotel overnight and checked out a great local dog park in the area as well. Since we’d just been on our first road trip in June, Ronon knew what to expect and how to handle this part of the weekend.

Figuring Out How it Works

Ronon was confused when we arrived at the event about why we were around so many other dogs without PLAYING WITH THEM, but he behaved himself.

He did NOT like it when walked away and left him in line with a releaser though. As I was walking away for his second run, I heard “LOOSE DOG!” and when I turned to see if I could help, I realized it was MY DOG. He wasn’t happy about me leaving him again, so he pulled out of his collar and ran after me.

I walked him back and found someone stronger to handle him. He was jumping all over the place at the starting line, but once he was released, and I started calling him, he was like “OH!! I RUN NOW!!” and he ran toward me.

Once he figured out how it all works (and that I was not going to leave him with a stranger and disappear), he really seemed to have a good time, so we’ll definitely be doing this some more.